About Us

 About Us   
  Drop was established in 2003 during the searing heat of the summer of 2003. Founder, Mr. RAJA K. PATEL, recognized that the children's clothing market was crying out for a vibrant, fresh and inventive alternative to the branded mainstream and to the high street stores that lacked originality and flair.

Offering a unique and designer collection which combines an unconventional quirk with classic elegance, Drop has developed a reputation for consistency in quality, diversity and imagination. Catering for all ages from infants, children and adults, Drop specializes in contemporary retro styles. They have now developed a new homeware line which is characterized by Drop own unique range of signature prints.

In addition to their own striking designs, Drop holds an 'in-house' vintage range provided with well equipped and the most advanced state of the art imported machineries for cutting, sewing, washing, ironing and packing. Our team of fashion professionals keeps an eye on the latest market trends in the fashion industry and creates garments that provide maximum durability and elegance.

With the help of our latest innovative designing techniques we manufacture around 30,000 to 40000 pieces of garments every month.

Designed and powered by Gayatri Microsystems.

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